What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing fields of science.

It is an interdisciplinary field, combining the forces of multiple sciences, including physics, chemistry, materials engineering and medicine. The essence of nanotechnology is the controlled creation and application of structures, materials and devices with nanometric dimensions.

The term “nano” originates from the Greek word for dwarf, is used as the prefix for many units of measurement, and denotes one billionth, i.e. 10-9. The term nanomaterials pertains to chemical compounds commonly occurring on the nanometric scale.

From a formal perspective, in line with the European Commission's definition, nanomaterials are chemical substances or materials with a particle size from 1 – 100 nm in at least one dimension.

Such small sizes result in properties that differ from the properties of those same substances on the micro and macro scales. Superior mechanical and optical properties, enhanced chemical and antibacterial activity, lower burden on the environment - these are just some of the features of nanomaterials, which simultaneously constitute one of their biggest advantages.

There are myriad methods of obtaining nanomaterials. The general classification divides them into production methods:

“top-down” – in short, these methods involve miniaturization of macroscopic material into smaller parts, so that the final size is within the interval of 1-100 nm. These methods include: lithographic, electrochemical and laser techniques,

“bottom-up” – in these methods, nanomaterials are obtained as a result of self-organizing processes, built from the bottom up, so to speak, atom by atom. Among the techniques applied in this approach, we can distinguish the methods of chemical reduction, deposition from the gaseous phase or plasma-assisted deposition.

The rapid development of nanotechnology is undoubtedly driven by enormous interest from the market.

To meet our customers’ needs, our company is constantly seeking new solutions in the field of nanomaterials synthesis and surface modification. We value innovative solutions, and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

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