POLYDEF - Bactericidal additive for polymers

Polymer masterbatch containing silver nanoparticles, endowing ready plastic products with fungicidal and bactericidal properties.

Product description:
  • ensures long-term microbiological protection and increases the safety and attractiveness of the product,
  • microbiological efficacy at the level of 99.99% (even at low concentrations, studies conducted according to international standard ISO 22196: “Plastics. – Measurement of antibacterial activity on the surface of plastics”.),
  • no deterioration of polymers’ physical properties,
  • greater product stability at high temperatures and high moisture in comparison to traditionally applied biocidal agents,
  • low migration of nanosilver,
  • low price,
  • easy application and no need to modify the process line.


  • Form: polymer granulate with yellow-brown color
  • Silver concentration: 5000-10000 ppm
  • Carrier: polymer granulate (HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, EVA)
  • Application: mix the product in granulate form using standard plastic processing methods.
  • Odor: odorless
  • Period of suitability for use: 2 years

Active silver nanoparticles

Antibacterial action of additive

Polymer masterbatch containing silver nanoparticles
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