Safe Animals Healthy Ears

Safe Animals Healthy Ears is a care product for the external ear canal and earlobes of dogs and cats, containing active forms of silver.

Available packaging:
Product description:

these are drops for care of the ear canal and earlobes of house pets. They act antiseptically, destroying microbes, facilitating regeneration and healing of the epidermis, and prophylactically preventing recurrence of inflammation. Specially selected ingredients reduce burning and itching of the skin, moisturize and form a protective barrier, thanks to which animals quickly feel relief. The applied active forms of silver are an excellent alternative to antibiotics. The drops support dissolution of earwax. Also recommended for damaged eardrums.

  • care formula for the exterior ear canal and earlobe in dogs and cats

  • contains allantoin, which acts regeneratively and facilitates healing and restoration of the damaged epidermis

  • the presence of glycerin allows for softening of the earwax deposited in the ear canal and also ensures the appropriate moisturization

How to use:

  1. Introduce a small amount of the product into the ear using the applicator and massage gently.
  2. Dry off excess fluid with a cotton swab.
  3. Store in original, tightly sealed packaging.
  4. The product's color may be changed, which does not affect its efficacy

Safe Animals Cream is a cream formula containing active forms of silver, intended for application onto the skin of animals
Safe Animals Skin Protection is an innovative hygienic formula supporting natural skin regeneration processes.
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