Active Silver Protection by Polydef

The Active Silver Protection by POLYDEF trademark

is a registered trademark dedicated for all types of products made from thermoplastic and chemo-hardened polymers, resins or PUR foams. The mark makes it possible to distinguish safe products with biocidal properties, which are obtained thanks to the POLYDEF biocidal additive.

The trademark ensures that end consumers can be certain that the product has been made in adherence to the appropriate processes and has been tested from the perspective of microbiological activity at an accredited unit.

Active Silver Protection by POLYDEF was created
from the initiative of Smart Nanotechnologies S.A.

Companies that pay special attention to microbiological protection
of products and ensuring the safety of users of final products.

What are the requirements for obtaining certification with the Active Silver Protection by POLYDEF mark?

The condition for obtaining the Active Silver Protection by POLYDEF certificate is conducting studies of the content of an additive from the POLYDEF line and analyzing the product's microbiological activity prior to marketing. It is required to achieve at least 90% bacterial reduction, determined according to standard PN-EN ISO 22196.

What advantages are gained thanks to the certificate?

  • highlighting the quality of selected products in which the biocidal POLYDEF additive has been applied,
  • distinguishing products with an enhanced standard of safety and microbiological purity,
  • minimization and combating of the availability of pseudo-biocidal products which do not meet standards for reducing microbiological activity,
  • marking of products with an emblem intended to raise consumers’ awareness of the quality of purchased products.  

What studies are required for a given product to be taken into consideration in the context of certification?

The process has the following course:

  • testing of samples sent in by manufacturers applying for certification,

  • performance of technological trials and selection of production concentrations,

  • testing of samples immediately prior to marketing and confirmation of antimicrobial properties

After a decision confirming fulfillment of all conditions, the certificate and authorization to use the mark is issued for 1 calendar year.

Certified polymer products are designated by the trademark and have a certificate confirming product quality.

The Polydef additive in an innovative, completely original solution based on silver nanoparticles, thanks to which the ready product gains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thanks to this, we create a new level of quality and a new trend on the market. Take advantage of products endowing surfaces with self-cleaning properties, thus preventing the development of pathogens, and introduce new standards into many areas of life – medicine, veterinary medicine, construction, industrial technologies and more!

Products containing the Polydef additive become exceptional and gain the Active Silver Protection certificate, which is a synonym for the highest quality and a determinant of safety. This is a trademark that will distinguish your offer from the competition and make your solutions the first choice of consumers. Stand out from the crowd and mark your products with the ASP symbol – it's your key to success!

Polymer masterbatch containing silver nanoparticles
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