Smart CleanAir Auto

Product for cleaning and refreshing air conditioning and ventilation vents in cars

Available packaging:
Aerosol 250 ml
Product description:

Smart CleanAir Auto allows for independent cleaning of automotive air conditioning and ventilation systems in all car types and models. It can be applied to any type of air conditioning: manual, automatic, as well as to single- and multi-zone. It is easy to use, so cleaning can be performed independently without the need for disassembly.

The product removes unpleasant odors, including mold and tobacco smoke. The silver contained in the product ensures long-term protection against the development of pathogenic microorganisms, thanks to which it substantially improves air quality.

Product with attestation from the National Institute of Hygiene
Does not require tools
Safe for the user
Removes unpleasant odors

How to use:

  1. Switch the air conditioning to maximum cooling in internal circulation mode. Turn off the ventilation.

  2. Mount a pipe on the end of the sprayer and shake the container.

  3. Insert the pipe into each ventilation duct and spray for approx. 5 seconds, while slowly pulling it out. Remove excess product with a clean cloth moistened with water. After finishing this process, wait 15 minutes.

  4. Turn on the air conditioning to maximum cooling in internal circulation mode for about 10 minutes.

  5. Air out the car thoroughly before driving

    Due to the presence of silver, the product may leave traces.

Product available in three aromas:

  • Neutral
    EAN 5905279421455
  • Prickly pear and green tea
    EAN 5905279421448
  • Tangerine
    EAN 5905279421493

Biocidal disinfectant
Concentrated cleaning formula
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