AGuscio – A new standard in ceramics

One of our products is the AGuscio technology, combining production and technology for adaptation of a bioactive additive for ceramic linings (tiles, gres tiles, sanitary appliances, etc.).

Product description:

The application of AGuscio technology makes it possible to produce tiles and ceramic devices with new features not available until now, and the construction industry will gain a new standard of safety and protection against the development of pathogens.

This innovative technology for application of nanosilver to ceramics, developed and tested by Smart Nanotechnologies, allows manufacturers to freely create collections of self-disinfecting polymer and ceramic products, e.g. ceramic tiles and gres tiles.

Such products can permanently protect the user against bacteria and mold, with effect throughout the entire volume of the ceramic material, permanently, not just on the surface (as was the case until now with various impermanent coatings). Thus, we have established a new global standard of safety, hygiene and comfort of life.

Biocidal ceramic tiles:

  • The developed solution ensures over 90% reduction of bacteria according to standard ISO 22196
  • The developed component exhibits antibacterial efficacy on all types of ceramic tiles
  • The nanoadditive is permanently bound to the protected surface and exhibits high thermal stability
  • Application takes place through the use of existing lines, standard equipment used in the production of ceramic elements
  • The component does not affect the appearance of the final product
  • Low cost of protection per running meter
  • Technology protected under patent law

Service of creating an antibacterial coating with silver nanoparticles
Specialized biocidal and anti-corrosion coating
Impregnant intended for protection of materials and surfaces against moisture
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