Colloidal copper 50 ppm

An aqueous colloid containing nanometric copper complexes, exhibiting very high and long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.

Available packaging:
Product description:
  • exhibits fungi- and bactericidal action,
  • antimicrobial efficacy above 90%,
  • contains ingredients that are safe to health,
  • intended as an additive to cleaning agents in the area of household chemistry, cosmetics, as well as to plant protection products, for the purpose of enhancing a product with additional microbiological activity
  • in order to ensure the appropriate microbiological activity, the suggested content of the colloid in the ready product should be within the range from 5 – 15%.


  • Form: clear liquid with blue-green color
  • Ingredients: demineralized water, colloidal copper
  • Copper content: 50ppm (+/- 5ppm)
  • Odor: odorless
  • Period of suitability for use: 6 months from date of production (if stored properly)
  • Application: Mix thoroughly with the target product.

Product packed in canisters with a capacity of 5 liters.

Protect against sunlight and do not leave in a strong electromagnetic field.

Hydrodynamic sizes of copper nanocolloid

Antibacterial action of nanocomplexes

An aqueous colloid of silver nanoparticles exhibiting very high and long-lasting antimicrobial efficacy.
Nanoadditive for windshield wiper fluid. Reduces scratches, improves visibility, forms a protective layer, facilitates removal of dirt and insects.
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